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Aquabot Bravo The Aquabot Bravo is designed to clean any residential pool up to 80 square metres in size. Thanks to the patented Aqua Smart System, the Aquabot Bravo robotic pool cleaner will automatically brush,vacuum and micro filter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pools floor walls, while simultaneously scrubbing the waterline ....all in approximately one hour.

The Aquabot Bravo electric pool cleaner has an board 2 micron filter bag allows all debris and fine dirt to be collected in the bag for emptying after use. The lower the number of microns, the finer the filter is. This filter bag is finer than most other machines on the market.
​ The Aquabot robotic pool cleaners filter bag simply needs to be rinsed thoroughly under a cold tap after use, or can even be put in the washing machine on a cold rinse (with no detergent).

This electric pool cleaner is 100 % fully automatic. No more time spent manually cleaning your pool or untangling bulky hoses on your random suction pool vacuum. The Bravo works without any connection hoses, hook-up booster pumps or suction lines. It requires no installation, no supervision and minimal maintenance. It works methodically due to the mathematical algorithm within the brain of the robotic pool cleaning machine, which enables the robot to cover the pool bottom and walls in a systemised fashion and without wasting time and cleaning all areas without fail! No random cleaning path with this machine. Just plug in the machine, drop it into the pool and away it goes!.