Aquabot Magnum Junior

Commercial robotic pool cleaner designed for pools up to 25m long.

Aquabot Magnum Junior

The Aquabot Magnum Junior is a commercial robotic swimming pool cleaner designed to clean commercial pools up to 25m in length. These machines are ideal for schools, health clubs hotels or even large residential pools.

The Aquabot Magnum Junior cleans the floor, walls and waterline. The advanced gyroscope control ensures total coverage of the pool surface.

You can choose to operate the cleaner in one of it's three different programs:
3 hour (floor only), 4 hour (floor and wall), or 5 hour (floor and wall).

The cleaner comes with remote control, 30 metres of cable and a trolley. It has 3 high quality DC brushless motors, and a filtering capacity of over 16 cubic metres per hour.