Aquabot Ultramax

Suitable For Pool Up To 50m

This machine is fully automatic, with Gyro control system and has full remote control.

Aquabot Ultramax

The Aquabot UltraMax cleans as often as required with no supervision. At the end of the working day, place the UltraMax into the pool, switch it on and go home. Return to the pool the next day to find the pool thoroughly cleaned and the UltraMax switched off - lift the machine out of the pool and open for business.

The Ultramax is Aquatron’s newest wide body commercial pool cleaner, offering features and performance like no other cleaner on the market. It’s modern styling and advanced 21st century technology gives the Ultramax automatic pool cleaner the ability to clean any Olympic size or junior Olympic-size pool in as little as 3 hours. The key to the Ultramax’s high performance characteristics is the use of the Gyro control system. The result is a significant increase in reliability and cleaning accuracy.

The Aquabot Ultramax can clean pools up to 50 metres in length and comes with a full wireless remote control for manual steering if required.

Aquabot Ultramax

This machine can save you thousands of pounds every year by massively cutting your pool cleaning spend. Why employ someone to clean your pool missing areas as they clean when the UltraMax thoroughly cleans all areas of the pool in a fraction of the time with no supervision and even saves you money on cleaning chemicals due to its effective water filter system!

The UltraMax is the world’s most widely used commercial pool cleaner, thousands of these cleaners are hard at work everyday. The UltraMax has advanced programming, pva brushes and an overall more sleeker and streamlined design

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